Language: Medium of Global Understanding

One thing that people desire is to break the barrier between nations and understand and communicate with them using one common language. There is no other reason why people want to produce a language which they could all understand.

This is because all people want to realize that unity is one way to grow. Going together can bring forth a new and farther development. Thanks to the project of bringing an international language that people can all understand. This makes us people with empathy and understanding with each other.

As the most common language that the world know includes French and Spanish, soon perhaps there will be a time when Korean language will also be used. In fact, Korea is not a known world in the east. However, in these days it is becoming famous because of International events that happens there, the assets that they have in games and in technology.

They are the World’s IT intellect and Beauty specialist. Not only that, the world go through their TV Programs and drama. Another reason is that many Koreans go to English speaking countries and study. There are many English Tutorial Academy or online tutorial in the whole world and they are the students. This can make sense.

Without a common language that we use, the world will always stick to individualism and ethnocentrism. The making of international language broke down egocentrism and prejudice by understanding each and everyone’s culture and beliefs.