How Multiple Languages are Created

According to records, there are more than 7, 000 languages that exist in the entire world as of this time, dead languages counts to more than 100 from the beginning of time. Many asks why we have multiple languages on earth when in fact we are all the same people. Some may question this to insinuate the barrier between nations and races.

However, there is no reason for all to become indignant of this fact. We all have different languages because we come from different ancestry that began the use of their own language. They created words and alphabets in order to be able to communicate within the community itself.

There is no certain record as to how languages are formed. But what is certain is that people just create words and explain what it means through their body language. In fact, people act according to how their body works based on the senses. A person can be happy and naturally he smile. This words that we use nowadays were formed as to everyday that repeats in life.

For example, everyday our stomach growls when we do not eat. Ancient people would like to name what this feeling is, and each tribe does it. Each tribe there are specific people who created each word. It is sure that in a single tribe, there is no single individual who created the entire vocabulary of their own language. Let us take English as an example.

From the beginning of time, there are already numerous people who have contributed to the creation of this language. As time passes by, while people learn and see things, they come to name them whatever comes our from their head. Each and every tribe or what we call nations now have a leader to follow and they have neighboring people who they call the same blood with them and they gather as a group, following what is taught to them.