Common International Languages

Lots of people debate on what language would be used internationally. Well, we already have the universal language and the international language that is Mandarin.

Around the world, Mandarin has become dominant for all people to understand each other. Chinese has the highest rank basing on the number of speakers. It means that there are more people who speaks in Chinese than in English. However, when we base by nations, English is the first. These two major languages are considered the most International language. However, the universal language that is chosen is the English Language. Why is it English? Why is the basis of this? Why not Chinese or Spanish?

They ‘universal language’ was brought to mean that it is the native language of  many the nations. Chinese is a native language of China only. What about English? There are many nations which native language is English such as the whole part of Northern America, British Empire, some from South America and South Africa. This is the difference of the language. There are many things to ask about the English Language especially in learning.

Another language that is widely known is Spanish, Spanish spread out during the colonization. Besides, Peru, Mexico, Colombia–these countries have similar language in the expression of their words.  Of course, these languages are different languages but have common accent and some words. For example, the word madre is used in Peru, Spain, Mexico.

Another language that is influential in the world is French, French and Spanish have almost the same number of speakers in the world. French also is dominant over Europe and Asia.